Hit the Road with 3D Out Run on 3DS eShop

SEGA announced that 3D Out Run, part of the second series of classic titles re-mastered exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system, is now available in the Americas and Europe to download in the Nintendo eShop.

outrun_05_14259262273D Out Run is the critically acclaimed 1986 driving game designed by Yu Suzuki, re-mastered and enhanced for the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. The re-mastered version includes all of Out Run’s original content alongside two new songs, and runs at 60 frames per second which is twice the speed of the original game. 3D Out Run also features a built in Stage Select option that allows players to save and resume progress mid-game, has adjustable difficulty settings, and includes unlockable car customization options that allow you to equip parts to improve your car. Additionally, players are able to choose from a number of real-life arcade cabinets wherein everything from the appearance to the environmental sounds of the specific cabinet are recreated, providing a true and authentic arcade experience.

3D Out Run is available now for download in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS.

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  1. Hey I remember this game, this was one of my favorite racing games when I was growing up, along with Top Gear. It’s good that younger generations will have the chance to play it.

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