Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes

Delivering incredible, addictive gameplay for up to four players, Dungeons & Dragons? Heroes? is the first Dungeons & Dragons?-branded experience created expressly for the Xbox? video game system. Dungeons & Dragons? Heroes? was built from the ground up to appeal to diehard D&D fans, as well as gamers who desire a genre-defining action/RPG. Journey through a world filled with magic and monsters, treasures and traps, good and evil ? a world unto itself where heroes are made not born. Take on perilous quests through never-before-seen planes of existence and carve a path to righteousness. Conquer dungeons, search for gemstones, fight monsters, improve your skills and more as one of four distinct Hero characters: Fighter,Wizard, Cleric or Thief. Immediately immerse yourself in solo games or play cooperatively with up to 4 players. Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes gives you a chance to taste victory as only a true Hero can.


Experience an epic battle of good versus evil set in the world?s most compelling fantasy setting ?Dungeons & Dragons.
Play as one of four distinct Hero characters: Fighter, Wizard, Cleric or Rogue.
Join forces with up to three other Heroes on a noble quest against a mighty evil.
Discover the unique skills that each team member possesses. Then, gain experience to learn new traits and attacks.
Roam through seven distinct environments filled with fiends and classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters.
Block, parry and deflect opponent?s blows in lethal close-range melee combat.
Use an innovative control system that lets players customize attacks and spells… on the fly!
Battle authentic Dungeons & Dragons monsters.
Customize characters with armor, weapons and special items
Enhance character powers with found or purchased armor and magical artifacts
Collect soul shards to unleash incredible powers of ancestral weapons
Sell or buy weapons, spells and other items, or exchange them with other Heroes to maximize a party?s powers
Master new spells to heal wounded party members or harm dangerous enemies
Dynamic Camera ? zoom the camera in for individual battles or pull out to survey wider surroundings
Experience a new level of adventure with Dolby Digital 5.1 soundBrings D&D 3rd Edition skills, feats and character building systems to life
Battle the classic and the latest D&D monsters!
Play right away through the streamlined controller interface
Elevate your Hero?s power with gemstones and rune stones
Play as one of four distinct Hero characters: Fighter, Wizard, Cleric or Rogue in solo games or 4-person cooperative games
Explore visually stunning 3-D worlds filled with secrets, bonuses and rare items



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