Destiny Beta Review

You can find the preview of Destiny here for some background information:

Destiny Preview

After playing the ‘Destiny’ beta, this game is certainly going to be one of the biggest blockbusters to release this year right next to Call of Duty. The beta is one of many that don’t get boring after 1 hour of gameplay. From playing this beta, I pre-ordered the game and now have a lot of promise in ‘Destiny’. Destiny’s design is close that of Halo’s when it comes to the concept art, player model design, animations, music, and weapon design. However, it is a Bungie game and their style of design is never changes. Destiny is a mix of Halo, Mass Effect, Skyrim, and Borderlands with phenomenal graphics and displays. Playing this beta will give you a solid 6 hours of gameplay without you second guessing the game.

The overall gameplay mechanics are refreshing from most other fps shooters. Players can jet pack and double jump when they wish without restrictions, but I do wish there was a way to wall run or climb walls. In addition, each player gets a special ability depending on their class. These new special abilities are revolutionary to shooters because they involve animations I have never seen before. The Warlock special ability is jumping in the air and firing a giant bolt of energy at the ground that decimates everyone in the blast radius.  Another notable ability next to the Warlock’s, is the Warrior’s, special that has you jump in the air and smash into the ground creating a huge explosion, but mouth dropping animation. Each player, depending on class, has a special melee and spell attack of which never get repetitive and boring.



The guns in this game have combined vertical and horizontal recoil and controlling them is hard, but it does get easier over time to handle weapons in destiny. There are many weapons to choose from in this game such ass, Automatics, burst fire, pulse fire, semis, and snipers. The only weapon that bothers me the most are the snipers, because it does take time to zoom in and there is no recoil. This allows snipers to only be played on certain long range maps, and any close quarters maps can forget them. I do like how Bungie managed to classify the weapons in this game into Primary, Special, and Heavy. Each class has a special type of ammo and you can carry one of each weapon at a time, so that is 3 weapons at one time. Primary weapons are automatics, burst fire, and semi weapons. Special weapons are shotguns, pulse fire, and sniper weapons. Heavy weapons are predominately machine guns. Learning these weapons doe involve a learning curve of which reward better players more with kills for learning how to use these weapons in various situations.

You can play some of the campaign in the beta and also do public events with other people. The Tower is a social hub Bungie implemented into the game where players can buy weapons and gear, but also interact with other live players. Public events happen while you are playing in the world and happen randomly, you can party up with random people that happen to be around you in the world. The campaign is held in an online world filled with interactions, but I believe you can turn off that feature and play by yourself when the full version comes out. Playing the campaign and doing public events, you fly around in your spaceship from planet to planet; this substitutes as a loading screen.

Destiny Classes

Despite all the talk of Co-op, and single player aspects of the game, there is a 6v6 competitive multiplayer setting called the “Crucible”. You can earn crucible points and receive random gear drops at the end of each match. You can buy PvP gear at the tower with crucible points. The online competitive multiplayer plays just like Halo with how the maps and gameplay are set up. There are vehicles in some maps similar to those of Halo; you can flip vehicles as well. There are shields and health for the players. What is nice about the Crucible is that you can use the guns and gear you find on the PvE side of the game. The maps are well designed and keep the original FPS format with lanes.

Destiny releases on September 9th, 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4. A PC version is in development now, but it won’t be released until months later after the initial release of the game.

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