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It’s been official for a while now, but Destiny has been set to release on September 9th 2014. The futuristic shooter has been praised by many game critics last year at E3 and many have speculated for this game to be the next “Halo”. Bungie and Activison-Blizzard have just signed a contract two years ago in March of 2012 for a partnership of 8 years. Thus, we will be seeing a Destiny Franchise arise for the next decade.

Activision-Blizzard last week has boasted about this brand new game to be the best selling IPO in history, in respects to Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Bungie has been developing this game for many years, starting in the year of 2009. This game is supposed to break the reputation of boring run and gun FPS shooters and give new elements and dynamics to this genre of video games.



Since this is a Bungie development, expect to see some old gameplay mechanics that are similar to Halo. Although this sounds like laziness on Bungie’s side, it is a good thing because the mechanics in halo were fluent and successful throughout the series.



Many new ground breaking mechanics have also been introduced such as casting spells, dodging projectiles, and throwing weapons at your opponent. As said before, Halo mechanics will be back such as the jumping, shooting, and combat.



The campaign shares a Halo setting where it is set far into the future around the year 2700 A.D.  This is after humanity has experienced its golden age of which was a time for peace, technological advancement, and the colonization of the galaxy.  The golden age of humanity later ends after an event called “The Collapse” occurs and many of the human colonies have been obliterated, and survivors of the event later move back to earth. Humanity was saved by “The Traveler”, a white spherical celestial body, who saved the last human city in the galaxy located on earth. The Traveler allows the hero’s called “Guardians of the City” to protect the last standing human presence and  wields them unknown powers.

Destiny Orb Destiny Classes

After humanities attempt to rebuild after “The Collapse”, humans find out that it was hostile alien races destroying human colonies and they are now approaching the last human city. It is now the players job to choose a guardian and protect the last standing human city. Players can choose many races and classes when becoming a Gaurdian of the City ,

+ Races

-Humans – relatable, tough, and uncomplicated characters

-Awoken – exotic, beautiful, and mysterious creatures that are usual elves, vampires, and ghosts.

 -Exo –  unforgiving and undead characters.

+ Classes

-Hunter-  bounty hunters that are a reconnaissance-based class.

-Warlocks- They are wizards whom combine weapons and powers.

-Titans –  they prefer using heavy weapons and melee attacks which makes them futuristic solders. 




There will be a multiplayer mode in Destiny. The multiplayer takes place in a live action universe where it is all dynamic play, and is a free roam shooter. Events happen in the game that both the developer and the player have not planned; So when you are offline, your world is still active and can change overnight. This multiplayer could be said as a “Shared-world Shooter” as it has some elements of an MMO game. For example, players will be able to interact with players that are only nearby and not throughout the whole world. Matchmaking will be faster and more simplified compared to Bungie’s previous games and will be constructed on a new game engine.

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