Das Keyboard Wants To Connect Your Keyboard To the Cloud

Das Keyboard unveiled the newest addition to its family of high-performance mechanical keyboards with the introduction of the Das Keyboard 5Q on Kickstarter. Built with groundbreaking software and electronics, the Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-enabled, open API, RGB mechanical keyboard that enables users to stream information from the Internet directly to their keyboard and color code keys to represent specific information.

Das Keyboard 5Q overheadWith the Das Keyboard 5Q, Das Keyboard has once again taken the computer keyboard to the next level, this time by transforming a traditional input-only device into an output device that functions as a dashboard keyboard to help boost productivity.

“Because it’s a cloud-enabled output device, the Das Keyboard 5Q is different than any other keyboard ever made,” said Daniel Guermeur, founder and CEO of Das Keyboard. “This is a keyboard that enables users to customize the color and animation pattern of every key based on the specific information they want to keep tabs on throughout the day. Basically, we’ve turned the keyboard into an output device. Once someone test drives the Das Keyboard 5Q, we think they will never want an input-only keyboard again.”
Das Keyboard Q Animation
In addition to being cloud-connected, the Das Keyboard 5Q comes packed with industry leading technology and features, including:

●       Extra bright RGB backlighting system with RGB+ Electronics, surface-mount LEDs, diffracting lens and ultra-clear light guide — making it many times brighter than any other RGB keyboard currently on the market.

●       New Gamma-Zulu mechanical switch developed by Das Keyboard with Omron located in Japan, with 1.5mm actuation point and can withstand 100 million actuations — 100 percent more durable than standard mechanical switches.

●       Real-Time One (RTO) analog technology that detects a key press in 0.4 milliseconds and reports it to the computer in 1 millisecond — up to 45 times faster than other keyboards.

●       A Q button for activating the Das Keyboard Q software that also acts as a volume knob.

Das Keyboard Q5 Qbutton●       Desktop REST API to control the Das Keyboard 5Q light settings.

“Das Keyboard is excited to launch our revolutionary Das Keyboard 5Q on Kickstarter,” added Guermeur. “As the first cloud-connected keyboard in the world, we think people are going to be super hyped about getting their hands on the most advanced keyboard of the 21st century.”

For complete details and to join the Das Keyboard 5Q revolution, check out the company’s Das Keyboard 5Q campaign on Kickstarter.

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