Candle Knight is a new 2.5D action platformer – out now

Developer Dracma Studios announced that the 2.5D action adventure Candle Knight is available on PC now. Set across a sprawling castle, Candle Knight is a metroidvania that shifts around players, thanks to the unique Ignis dynamic difficulty system.

Stepping into the armor of an unusual knight with a candle burning atop their helmet, players will journey into the inky depths of a foreboding castle in a bid to vanquish the evil sitting at its heart. It is only with Candle Knight’s powerful flame that they can hope to illuminate the gloomy reaches of the abyss. This flame grows stronger with each defeated foe, unlocking new regions of the castle to explore and secrets to uncover.

Candle Knight’s combat abilities will be tested around every corner as everything from lowly rats to gigantic worms will try to bring the journey to a premature end. Players will need to not only master the art of swinging a sword but also perfect dodging and blocking enemy attacks.

Those looking for more of a challenge will enjoy the unique Ignis system which empowers players to shape combat around their own abilities. Adapting to individual players as they level up, the Ignis difficulty system can be both friend and foe in the journey to defeat darkness. Increasing Candle Knight’s damage health and movement speed will make him stronger in battle. However, doing so will also make each enemy tougher to overcome. Tow the line between risk and reward by adapting on the fly, and learning where and when to boost abilities.

Burn Candle Knight’s flame even brighter to unlock new abilities, combat proficiencies and previously inaccessible areas of the castle. Each new upgrade introduces new areas to explore and expands earlier areas with new secrets to find. But don’t forget the old adage about the flame that burns twice as bright.

Candle Knight, his enemies and each location throughout the world are all brought to life in a beautiful 2.5D art style that focuses on the contrasts between light, darkness and the shadows that inhabit the spaces between. Discover how the world reacts to Candle Knight’s presence, as light bounces from corner to corner, illuminating the world’s gothic architecture.

In the absence of light, can Candle Knight persevere and defeat the evil sitting at the heart of the castle? Or will they succumb to the foreboding darkness…

Studio Dracma co-founder Mario Vallarta said: “We can’t wait for people to experience Candle Knight in full for the first time ever! We can’t wait to watch players explore the castle, battle the enemies and bosses and most importantly, we can’t wait to hear what they think about it!”

Following the Steam launch, Dracma Studios is pleased to announce an Xbox launch coming later this year. Further details will be available closer to the time.

Candle Knight is available on Steam now and costs $14.99 / £12.99 / €14.99.

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