Try And Get Your Hands on the Next Amiibo Wave in Sept in the US

The next batch of amiibo will be sold in stores on September 11. This release date coincides with the launch of Super Mario Maker on Wii U as well as the pixelated 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo. Nintendo has confirmed that this special Mario amiibo will be available in both classic and modern colors. However, the modern color version has not yet been given a release date only a “more details will be shared in the future” announcement.

Amiibo Sept banner

Zero Suit Samus, Olimar, Ganondorf, Bowser Jr., and Dr. Mario, will be sold in stores on Friday September 11th.

Later, on September 25th, the Retro 3 Pack will release in the US. This three pack is the only way to find ROB, Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game & Watch; they will not be sold separately. Gamestop is the exclusive retailer of this coveted 3-pack and is hosting a special pre-order session Saturday August 8th. Stores across the country will be opening at 9am to take pre-orders for this retro pack. Each store is expected to have approximately 30 or so pre-orders available. Larger volume stores should have access, hopefully, to a few more. Lines are expected to be long and buyers will be lining up early at their chance.

The Mii Fighters will also be available in a three-pack but this date has not yet been finalized. Rumor is they will release in November.

Just recently, Dark Pit was available exclusively at Best Buy whereas Amazon was the only retailer of the Palutena amiibo. Both sold out almost instantly and this next wave is also expected to go fast.

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