Toys R Us Getting Exclusive amiibo

After some speculation, it has been confirmed that ToysRus will be receiving exclusive amiibo next month.

First, the Villager amiibo restock will only be happening at ToysRus starting on Sunday November 8th. The Villager was originally released during Wave 1 but quickly became a collector item and has not been seen since. Reports are saying this will be in-store only.

toys-r-us-amiibo-exclusivesSecond, the Mega Yarn Yoshi will only be available at TRU starting on November 15th. It will retail for $39.99 and will be available in “extremely limited quantities.” Up until this point, most amiibo have been available in “extremely limited quantities” so amiibo collectors should expect the usual headache of trying to snag one. This will be in-store only.

Finally, the Mii Fighter 3-pack will only be available at TRU in-store locations on November 1st. They will only be sold in one 3-pack, not individually. These are expected to be in-store only as well.

The most recent TRU store exclusive was Bowser Jr. but luckily Nintendo shipped a decent quantity of them so finding one was nowhere near as difficult as it has been. Let’s hope that Villager restock also sees a boost in quantity.

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