That?s A Purdy Tooth You Have Thar

Adding to the never ending pile of Wii shovelware, Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Jamboree is exactly what you would expect from the $20 mini game compilation Wii title.

This disc is a collection of 12 hick inspired mini games.  Backyard Shooting will have the player using the Wii remote’s IR sensor to shoot anything that moves.  Breaking your teeth becomes second nature in the bottle cap removing mini game.  And what would Hicksville be without dynamite fishing?  Each game lacks significant entertainment values and usually suffers from control issues.  For example, throwing dynamite into the water during the fishing mini game is incredibly unresponsive and is more delayed than a derailed train.  Toilet seat horseshoes suffers from the same problem. 

The cover of the game announces that there are “12 Redneck inspired events” on this disc.  However, the cow roulette mini game can hardly be considered a mini game.  During the tournament mode, this cow roulette mini game will take place after each event.  With a one in twelve chance to win, this “game” is completely pointless as a winner is rarely chosen and there is no player input.  Why this made it into the final product is a complete wonder.

Making this game even less fun is the fact that four players will always participate in every event.  Even the lowest difficultly makes coming in first place a near impossible task as the AI will always score leagues higher than you no matter how well you play. 

When the game is first loaded, there are about half a dozen mini games to play.  However, unlocking the rest requires a ridiculously high amount of bottle caps, the in-game form of currency.  Putting things in perspective, it can take several hours of tedious gameplay to unlock a single additional game.  The only real reason anyone would pop this disc into their Wii would be to play some stupid minigames with a buddy or two.  Not having all content immediately available is pointless and incredibly frustrating. 

Even for the deeply discounted price of $20, Redneck Jamboree is absolutely not worth the price of admission and should be avoided at all costs.  If you need your casual mini game fix, just stick with Wii Sports or Wii Play. 

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