Tenchu: Return from Darkness

Move like a shadow. Strike like a snake. Violent rebellion and civil strife have torn through the heart of 16th century Japan. After amassing an army of ninjas and lords of darkness, the mysterious Tenrai has begun a quest to conquer the country. Now your master lord Gohda, has called upon you – a cunning stealth assassin – to stop Tenrai and his disciples, before all is lost. Live by honor, kill by stealth. Tenchu: Return From Darkness – delivers the most realistic, stealth-based, ninja action/adventure game ever. Tenchu: Return From Darkness features improved gameplay, extra maps, new cut-scenes and Xbox Live capability with 2 player co-op gameplay.

* New stealth attacks and improved fighting engine – Master combo attacks, including stealth moves and jumping attacks, played out in breatakingly gory detail via a robust fighting engine. Take the role of 3 characters – Rikimaru, Ayame and one unlockable secret character – untilizing 20 authentic ninja weapons and tools. Earn new abilities and combos by racking up stealth kills.

* Exclusive Xbox content and enhancements – Tenchu: Return From Darkness features 2 new single-player maps – delivering 22% more gameplay than the PS2 version – which take you on a journey to a Samaria Mansion and Deserted Pagoda Temple. Improved gameplay balance with re-tuned AI and new enemy and item placement force you to think on your feet.

* Xbox Live and multiplayer action – The Xbox Live online 2-player co-op mode offers all-new stealth kills, plus 5 multiplayer levels in 2 mission modes: cooperative team oriented missions and Hunter/Hunted deathmatch mode where you and a friend sneak up on each other as opposing ninjas.

* New Restart and Continue functions – Tenchu: Return From Darkness features 2 exclusive new functions for both hardcore and novice players. The Restart function allows you to restart a mission with all the items previously collected. The Continue function, designed for novice players, alleviates the frustration of dying early in pitfalls and having to start at the beginning of a mission.

* Multiple mission paths – Complete unique mission objectives, including espionage, theft and assassination. Uniquely crafted levels allow you to determine the most efficient way to achieve your mission goals. Multiple game endings – based on your earlier decisions in the game and unique enemy placements – keep bringing you back for more.

* Stunning realistic graphics and special effects – Taking full advantage of the Xbox video game system’s graphical capabilities, Tench: Return From Darkness features 11 incredibly detailed levels with realistic lighting and weather effects, breakable objects and authentic character animations.

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