Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack XBLA Review

The Growing Booger

Originally released as a Vita and PC downloadable title, Mutant Blobs Attack has oozed its way onto PSN and XBLA for a discounted price of $7.99. This Katamari Damacy meets LocoRoco-ish puzzle platformer is a short but sweet downloadable distraction with a cute cartoony vibe.

Level design is creative

Level design is creative

You play as a boogiery blob, which was being kept against his will as an experimental play toy, on a quest for freedom and to rescue other fellow tortured blobs. Besides moving left and right on a 2D plane, this gelatinous goo ball can use magnetic powers, wall jump and can squeeze through tight spots to reach Point B from Point A. Outside of a few frustrating moments, level design is exceedingly strong and entertaining. There is just enough gameplay variety to keep things fresh, like gaining the ability to float in some segments, and makes each stage memorable especially since Achievements are mostly tied into level clearing objectives. The closing stages are especially creative and wrap up the quest nicely.

Like Katamary Damacy, the blob grows bigger with each smaller thing he comes in contact with, often aiding in puzzle solving and increasing score. But since this blob is just a gooball, there are roller coaster portions reminiscent of the PSP cult hit, LocoRoco. These enjoyable twists and turns are only matched by the charming 1950’s visual theme and quirky soundtrack.

Some stages are overhead

Some stages are overhead

There are about a half dozen levels to explore in the handful of worlds available. It might only take a couple hours to burn through the entire campaign but collectables and online leaderboards provide enough incentive to keep playing after the credits roll.

Showing off Magneto powers

Showing off Magneto powers

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is a surprisingly fun game despite having that small indie-game feel. The friendly aesthetic and low pressure difficultly factor makes this an enjoyable platformer that is worth its asking price. Even though this cutesy platformer might fit a little better on the smaller Vita screen, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed my time with this two dimensional title.


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