Spider-Man 2 Preview

Treyarch and Activision are going to redefine everything about Spider-Man. Treyarch’s creative director Tomo Moriwaki is focused on the story which will be strongly related to the movie, but the game will mainly be about being Spider-Man day to day and this is what it will be structured on. The game will interlope with both the life as Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2 has been greatly expanded; the first Spider-Man was limited with places to go this is not the case with the second installment. Spider-Man 2 is a large city where you can travel freely to any place you want. There are random crimes that take place which blends with scripted missions, the time passes from night to day and spidey can travel the streets like he has gone to Vice City. Yes you heard right spidey can now hit the streets below and explore on foot and interact with citizens, after all he is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Spider-Man can run the streets and alleyway like a maze or swing high in the air building to building, island to island. Assist in stopping crimes, helping people and beating up thugs to earn extra hero point, collect tokens, find hint markers and much more. Everywhere you go people will have green icons which indicate they have a mission for you or a purple icon which means there’s a crime in progress that you can stop. Stop a purse snatcher or a childes balloon flew away, stop a bank or convenience store robbery which can turn into a car chase if the criminal jumps into a vehicle and you have to chase him jump on the car attack to disable it. If you’re not successful in the car chase and he reaches a hideout where there are reinforcements, the car chase can get ugly. The situations can be endless with various things that can lead to other circumstances.

Spider-Man 2 has stunning graphics which look fluid; the controls have been tweaked to be more responsive and inviting. Spider-Man 2 will have an all new but straightforward combo system that is user friendly for both newcomers and advance players. Combos are done with the attack, jump, and web, dodge and grab buttons. You will know when to dodge when the classic spidey sense alerts you. Spidey can swing enemies like a cowboy using his web or even pop crooks into the air and hang them from light posts. There are dozens of air juggles, air combos and a lot of use of webbing in combat. Spidey can now use a sprint move which can modify his attacks as well as his jumps and swings.

Spider-Man 2 takes place in New York City, and the development team has figured out which areas are the commercial, residential and industrial districts and modeled them to perfection, although the game version of NYC is rendered at half scale the game world will stretch from Harlem all the way to Ellis Island. New York City and Spider-Man fit in together and feel right with tons of buildings and skyscrapers for spidey to enjoy his swinging and locomotion abilities. NYC looks and feels like it is, when spidey goes to the lower eastside it will feel like the lower eastside. The game will have few load times and none when spidey is on the move. The in-game map is also a low detailed 3D rendering of the Big Apple, which is cool because the game will zoom high in the air to display the map over the city to show you where you are, where to go and what missions and challenges waits. In conclusion, Spider-Man 2 will have better graphics, control and a great combo system that’s easy to use for all players. Time passes complete with full shadows, sunrises and sun sets. Cash in hero points at comic shops to unlock an array of spidey moves. All with the GTA concept of freedom and fluidity to do what you want, when you want and how you want it to be done. Spider-Man 2 will be multiplatform and the PC and GBA versions of the game will feature different game play, but all due out July of 2004. Spider-Man is definitely a classic title and Spider-Man 2 looks to be the best of the Spider-Man series to date (yes better then Maximum Carnage). So with the full cooperation of Sony and the film team including Sam Raimi, the ambitious goals they have for Spider-Man 2 looks to be a powerful one and going exactly as planned.

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