Puzzler Fit My Cat now available on Xbox

Fit My Cat, published by RedDeer.Games, is now available on Xbox. It is also available on Switch.

Lead the feline siege of the cardboard box!

Here it is – a cardboard box – the pinnacle of dreams of the most exuberant feline imaginations. It’s perfect – the most comfortable and completely empty, just waiting for an occupant.

However, there are a whole bunch of kittens! And each without exception wants to get his place in this celestial container.

The players’ task will be to fit a group of cats so that each of them will find its place in the box. The task is simple in theory but can be sometimes challenging practice.

For each level, the space in the box is limited, and there are a couple of cats; each is different in size and pose. In addition, at times some obstacles appear, such as cat toys. So let the players maneuver, rotate the fluffy little ones, and arrange them so that each one has a reason to purr.

Fit My Cat has got over 90 puzzles to solve with energetic accompaniment.

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