Motorbike Rides onto PSN

baKno Games announced today that Motorbike, the addictive dirt bike trials game, is now available for purchase on PSN. Motorbike combines the simple gameplay dynamics of motocross games with unique challenges to create an exciting stunt run experience.

Easy to play but difficult to master, Motorbike pits players against mind-bending obstacle courses too intense for real-life bikers. Using the controller to accelerate, balance, and perform tricks, players must traverse a variety of hazards to reach each finish line. Choose a rider, bike, and course, and then cut loose.

“Motorbike is the result of years in development,” says Andres Martinez, founder of baKno Games. “We gave special attention to physics realism, graphics quality and gameplay variety. Variety is achieved by the Track Editor which I think is the killing feature in Motorbike. At baKno we created all the original tracks using the same editor, and players can share their creations. So far almost 3,000 tracks have been created by Motorbike fans, and we are adding new tracks on a daily basis.”

Motorbike Editor

Motorbike features 80 Original tracks, thousands of online tracks, and 40 PS3 Exclusive tracks with the potential for thousands more. With the easy-to-use (yet surprisingly extensive) Track Editor, players can construct their own challenges with the dozens of doodads that the game has to offer (including some PS3™ exclusive items!). Trace the track to get started, give it a theme, and tinker with a wide range of diverse contraptions for endless possibilities. After toying and testing, players can share their creations online. All Custom tracks undergo an internal revision before publication to make sure they are fun, challenging and finish-able.

Ride, create, and feel the flow in Motorbike, now available on PlayStation Network for PS3!

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