Midway announces Fear & Respect

By Quinton Miles

Midway announced today that [i]Fear & Respect[/i], a new action/adventure game based in South Central Los Angeles, is in development. The game is being developed alongside writer and director John Singleton, known for such movies as [i]Boyz N the Hood, Baby Boy, and 2 Fast 2 Furious[/i], and is scheduled to be released late netxt year.

According to Midway, [i]Fear & Respect[/i] is a cutting-edge third person action game that accurately depicts life in a South Central L.A. gang. The main character will be a “retired” original gangster who is suddenly reintroduced to the lifestyle.

MyGamer is sure to have more on [i]Fear & Respect[/i] as it comes out so stay tuned!

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