King of Fighters XII Released at Retail Early

Taking a cue from riotous concerts, the entire retailing industry in America has begun preemptively selling the King of Fighters XII, four days before its labeled July 28 street date.  While the culprit who started the flood is presently unknown (though all signs presently point to Gamestop), the buildup to release has been seriously hurt by this. 

The major gripe is the spotty online play…something Ignition has a fix for in the works. “We understand that there have been some concerns raised about performance during online play,” said KOFXII’s publisher, Ignition Entertainment, through their King of Fighters XII page on Facebook, “a patch for the both platforms is being worked on which should help with those gamers experiencing issues.”  The date for the 360 patch is yet to be announced, but the PS3 version will get its fix on its original street date, July 28.

Because we care about our readers here at MyGamer and hold journalistic integrity high, we will delay our reviews of the title until after the patches have been released, and we have had adequate time to give the game an informed score.  Consider all sites who release a review in the meantime to be preening for page views at your expense.

Stick with MyGamer for more news, and check back with us for a complete review of the game.

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