Jones On Fire (Android/iOS) Review


We’re all aware of the platformer games that seem to be storming the mobile market, yet it’s unusual to find one that’s original. Jones On Fire is just that, an original game with clever aspects and ideas. While the storyline is short and sweet, Jones is fighting a monster of a fire by saving kittens and dodging obstacles, it’s the gameplay that makes you stay.

Jones On Fire – Graphics

More prominent in the past few years, Jones On Fire’s graphics seem to follow the same pattern as many others: tending to prefer simplistic, cubic designs, rather than pseudo-real graphics. However, I’m not complaining; as Jones On Fire seems to take this common concept in and make it its own. A mix of colors and cute stylings makes the graphical presentation of Jones On Fire a sheer delight.

Jones On Fire – Gameplay

Here is the real ticket item of Jones On Fire. While there are a few of these specific types of platformers out there, most of them are an escaping convict jumping across buildings or something of that sort. By giving this game its own unique artistic style and goals, the developers have achieved a more introspective and natural feel to the gameplay. Laid out in a series of progressively difficult levels, deemed “Hazard Levels,” the object of the game is to dodge several oncoming obstacles, all the while “saving” kittens from the roaring fire hot on your heels.

Without any in-game purchases, all of the currency is acquired and spent in-game. There’s the general currency, used for power-ups and the first level of upgrades, then there’s the golden currency, which is acquired through the rare golden cats and used for the higher tiers of upgrades. The currency system also ties into the hazard level, as each hazard level has its own currency multiplier, making those higher levels truly pay off.

Glass Bottom Games has also featured a “mission” system, yet it’s not as obtrusive as in other games, like Jetpack Joyride. All it is, is a simple bonus system that rewards you for putting a spin on your usual playing tactics. Whether or not you follows the mission system makes no difference on the quality or quantity of gameplay.

Goal of Jones On Fire

Goal of Jones On Fire

Jones On Fire – Captivity

Alright, I’ll admit that the game doesn’t like it would hold you for too long. The simple, generic platform style feels about as enticing as a… well… something uncomfortable in an unusual region, however, for some odd, unknown reason, Glass Bottom Games pulls it off. I tend to play Jones On Fire for ten to twenty minutes at a time, then put it down for a rest. Yet, regardless to how I may have felt about the game in the past, I always seem to pick it back up and try my hand at it again. Maybe it’s because of the cute kitties or the individual spin on the platformer idea, but I can’t leave it alone for long.

Example of Captivity

Example of Captivity

Jones On Fire – Overall

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, Jones On Fire is truly a game you can enjoy. With the creative level designs and upcoming updates, it’s a real diamond in the rough. For only a dollar and ninety-nine cents, there’s some real bang for your buck. I look forward to seeing what else Glass Bottom Games will bring to the table. Jones On Fire is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore




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