Jade Empire (Preview)

Bioware are kings among developers when it comes to creating outstanding RPGs for the PC. When Knights of the Old Republic was released, they also proved their worth on the console front, too. Hot on the heels of KOTOR’s success, Bioware started work on an RPG (set in ancient China), which had been on the backburner for nearly ten years. Its title? Jade Empire. And it appears that Bioware wants to up the ante yet again with this game.

Right off the bat, the biggest thing you notice about Jade Empire is its graphics. The game utilizes the same engine used in KOTOR, but with a ton of graphical enhancements. Also, a new added feature to the game is the ability to freely move the camera about. But the camera still resumes artistic control during battles, which will be helpful as combat has been given a boost in action and speed, so the camera will need to help add stability as well as dramatic effect.

Battles will be have a deliberately epic feel in Jade Empire. As your character moves around during combat, the camera can remain locked on the enemy in a style similar to recent Zelda games, but the combat will still be similar to that which we’ve grown accustomed to in KOTOR. The game will have nearly 30 fighting styles spread across three categories, which can be changed on the fly in the heat of battle. As stated, Jade Empire is focusing on more action by speeding up the queuing of commands during the game, they are almost instant, which helps give the game a more

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