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From the creators of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios has just announced their upcoming game called “Evolve”.  This is a game where four Hunters are placed against a huge monster that involves adrenaline pumping gameplay. Evolve sounds similar to left 4 dead of that includes a supernatural element such as zombies and aliens vs. four humans. It is believed to be that this game maybe developed on the source engine since it is from the previous makers of the left 4 dead series. Many old mechanics from the old left 4 dead series may also be added to this new game.

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Players will be able to choose 4 hunters classes (Trapper, Support, Assault, and Medic) in order to take down the player controlled gigantic monster. Although the classes may sound self-explanatory, there may be several twists to what some of the classes may do involving their ability to function. At the moment Turtle Rock Studios has not announced much about the games gameplay. Within the game, the monster player will have the ability to kill wild life and other smaller monsters in order to evolve by going through a cocoon stage. The setting of the game will take place within a large jungle where player can adapt to the environment and create shelter.

There will be a leveling system to unlock new monster or hunter characters and you can also receive upgrades, skins, and also perks. The game by the looks of it will have an integrated campaign with the multiplayer in a co-op mode. This new integrated mode will be like Titanfall’s were the story is played throughout the match and the players get little details each game on what the plot is about.

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A lot of strategy will take place within Evolve’s multiplayer. A team of players can split up and divide into symmetrical counter parts to spilt up, get point, or find the monster. Many other tactics will include sharing ammo, flanking, and planning to go around obstacles. With a small team of four players, this also lets the team communicate more and have each and every single player care and be attentive towards one another.

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