In an age long past, the Rift was formed, decisively separating the lands of light and the plains of darkness by an impassable chasm. Over time the Enclave of light grew strong and prosperous, while those confined to war-ravaged outlands harbored nothing but hatred and jealousy. Now, after hundreds of years, the Rift is closing, and it is only a matter of time before a full-scale war erupts with you in the center! Enter the Enclave and experience hardcore close quarter combat at its bloodiest in this mesmerizing visual adventure where broadswords and battle-axes clash and your actions will determine the fate of the world. Explore over 25 levels of intricately detailed medieval environments and engage in desperate hand-to-hand combat with scores of enemies. There are 12 different characters (some good and some evil) to unlock and play, each with a vast selection of weapons and armor at their disposal. The Enclave needs a hero, will it be you?

* Over 25 detailed levels

* Two separate campaigns. Play as a warrior of Light or a Minion of the Dark.

* Use large-scale siege weapons to break down walls and towers using complex physic simulations

* Select from multiple character classes, all with individual weapons, magic and skills.



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