Elveon to Premiere at E3.

10tacle Studios have announced today that they will be showing their portfolio of games including their flagship title [i]Elveon[/i]. [i]Elveon[/i] engulfs players in the heroic and epic elvish civilization while exposing gamers to a unique fighting system.

10tacle will also have [i]GTR 2[/i] on display at E3. The sequel to the racing title will feature human-like AI and a completely new graphics engine that will bring an ultra-realistic racing experience to the PC.

[i]Elveon[/i] is based upon the Unreal Engine 3 technology and is coming to the Xbox 360 and PC in the summer of 2007, while [i]GTR 2[/i] is coming to the PC in the summer of 2006. Stick with MyGamer for a preview of both games in May when we hit E3.

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