Dungeon Defenders II Gets Patched With Dragons

Trendy Entertainment announced the biggest update yet to Dungeon Defenders II, its action tower defense video game currently in Steam’s Early Access program. With the new ‘Pets & Dragons’ patch, players can now collect pets, battle in three new maps, encounter the game’s first boss and much more, as the developers continue expanding upon the content found in the game. To celebrate, Early Access to Dungeon Defenders II is currently on a Steam Midweek Madness sale for 33% off.

“This patch is gargantuan, and with the release of features like pets, costumes and our very first boss encounter, the energy around the studio is exhilarating,” said Dungeon Defenders II Senior Producer Brad Logston. “Early Access has been an extraordinary journey, with fans new and old using our Influence system and forums to directly help us make a better game. We’re eager to see everyone’s impressions of this new update and leverage their feedback to make these features even better in the future.”

The ‘Pets & Dragons’ update introduces pets to Dungeon Defenders II for the first time. Now players can find eggs, hatch pets and grow their creatures! The more time players spend with their pets, the more benefits they’ll ultimately see in their stats and powers. There are three different species of pets – and eight pets for players to collect – with more to come in the future.

In addition to pets, today’s release also brings the following features to the game:

  • Costumes and Accessories: Players can buy skins and customize them further with accessories by playing with them. Turn Red Riding Huntress into a wolf!
  • Skill Spheres: Players can use Skill Spheres to customize and evolve their Heroes and Towers as they level up. ‘Uber Skill Spheres’ can completely change how an ability or tower functions.
  • Betsy: An all-new, terrifying boss battle offers an intense challenge for players to overcome.
  • Three New Maps: Almost 33% more Dungeon Defenders II to explore. With new legendary items! And more wyverns! Lots of wyverns.
  • Quest System: Players that beat the new maps gain tokens that unlock in-game items, including Uber Skill Spheres and a baby Betsy pet.
  • Tavern Update: An all-new aesthetic, complete with balloons!

For a more detailed list of content added to the game, read the full patch notes at: http://PetsDragons.DungeonDefenders2.com

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