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Aspyr Media would like to introduce Treasure World a whimsical new title developed specifically for the DS, Treasure World asks players to help the Star Sweep clean the cosmos while collecting treasure! With the help of Star Sweep's friend the WIsh FInder, you'll be able to discover a multitude of new collectibles in minutes! Using the DS WIFI capability, the WIsh FInder can locate local WIFI signals, whether your DS is opened or closed!


For each signal he finds you'll unlock a special piece of treasure or Stardust. Sometimes the treasure you uncover will be for the WIsh FInder himself – with over 100 possible costume possibilities such as Panda, Feline and Anime, you can completely personalize your WIsh FInder. Additionally, you can use Stardust to purchase new treasure from the Star Sweep and refill Halley's (his Rocket) fuel cells and use your treasures to decorate your Trove Terrain and create some Trove Tracks!

The Trove Terrain is the area surrounding the Star Sweep and his ship, depending on which treasure you use and where you place it on the Trove Terrain determines what it will sound like. Creating a Trove Track is easy! Each treasure represents a certain sound (guitar, violin, trumpet, etc), but placement counts for tone and timing. You set the tempo speed, the notes you're playing with your treasure and let it rip! You can collect these Songscapes, trade them with friends and even purchase new song templates from the Star Sweep!

With over 2,500 unlockable treasures in the game, Treasure World offers players limitless potential to what they can create and explore!

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