Once, the lands were ripe with warriors of renowned skill, all lusting for glory and fortune through their mastery of swordplay. The king, a wise ruler with keen insight on keeping his subjects happy, decided that these fighters should do battle not in dingy back alleys and rat infested warehouses like they were used to, but rather they should be able to showcase their aptitude in an officially sanctioned environment. And so the great Arena was built, and the official Coliseum League was birthed.

* Single player, text-based gladiatorial management simulation that puts the fantasy into fantasy sporting.

* Manage three gladiators, created from a random combination of five basic stats for hundreds of thousands of possible fighter combinations. Additionally, there is Potential, a unique hidden stat. With Potential you’ll have to judge whether your warrior has finally reached his pinnacle or if he’s just getting started. Just like managing in real life, you’ll never know for sure.

* Train your fighters as you see fit. You can do focus training for specific stats, and if they’re not living up to your expectations even auction them off and pick up new talent at the end of a season, including adding free agents to your stable.

* If a physical training regiment is not to your liking you can always purchase enchantments to help your warriors in the Arena, or enhancement potions. Watch out though, as these potions can have long term negative effects on your fighters.

* Play an unlimited number of seasons. Each season consists of ten fighters duking it out for total Coliseum supremacy. At the end of the season the four best fighters advance into the ultimate championship to decide who is the land’s true Champion!

* Time plays an important part. A realistic aging system governs the game. Fighters will grow old, with all the effects that aging has on a body. The lucky ones will get to retire in fame, and the truly blessed will enter into the Hall of Fame.

* New fighters are entering the league all the time. It’s up to you to guide them.

* Excellent immersion element thanks to the generated detailed news reports that let managers know what’s happening in the circuit, and also what’s going on in the rest of the world.

* A wealth of detail helps create one of the most intense sports management simulations on the market. Gladiators can get in trouble outside the arena, build up a tolerance for the various potions, or even suffer from an immediate problem thanks to potion intolerance. Managers can auction off poorly performing warriors, draft new ones, and even bet on matches that don’t personally involve their team.

* Thanks to the hundreds of thousands fighter combinations, uniquely generated news stories, injuries and diseases, potion and spell effects, and blow by blow combat system no two games will ever play out the same. Infinite battles await the gamer!

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