Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt

Find and collect all forty-five stolen Edgars. Control Wakko, Yakko or Dot, each with special abilities and moves, and battle mad-cap enemies, solve dastardly riddles and play mini games against Pinky and the Brain to conquer this wacky cartoon game.

* 6 huge game worlds full of sweeping cartoon action and exciting puzzle elements, plus 5 Pinky and the Brain mini-games.

* Mind-blowing character animation, high-quality 3D graphics and an overall beautiful cartoon style presentation.

* Packed with masses of Hollywood spoofs for hilariously funny game play and atmosphere, with voices recorded by the actual cartoon series WB voice actors.

* Accurate display of the true ?antics? of Animaniacs, with all you favorite Animaniacs and many other characters from the show.

* Control Wakko, Yakko and Dot and make use of their individual skills to succeed. 8 special abilities to learn.

* Masses of mad-cap enemies and numerous objects to collect and use.

* Addictive gameplay with depth and easy-to-use controls.



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