XBLA Discounts Announced for April

Penny Arcade Adventures Episode one is 10 dollars (800 points), just thought that I should get that out of the way as quickly as I could.  Discounted from the normal price of 20 (1600 points) dollars the Penny Arcade game has been cut 50% to be the deal of the week this week.  The best part is that if anyone who downloads the game truly enjoys it there is another episode primed and ready for download on the network already with plans to make at least one more episode before everything is over.

The rest of the month isn’t as exciting, as most of it is add-ons.  April 13th will see Ghost Recon 2’s Co-op map pack discount down to 4 dollars or 320 Microsoft fun bucks.  On the 20th Tiger Woods 09 has Syglass Hill down to 5 dollars or 400 points.  The last week has the NBA Live 09 365 Subscription for 7 dollars or 560 points.  Not a terrible list of discounts, too bad it couldn’t be as solid through the month as it was during this week.

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