World Series of Poker

4 modes of gameplay
– Quick play – for instant poker action
– Main event – see if your $10K buy-in is dead money
– Career – journey through the small tournaments to the Main Event
– Multi-player – test your skill against other card sharks

* Deep tutorial mode: learn from the pros and gain on-demand advice

* Authentic feel of the actual tournament
– Tells
– Bluffs
– Table Talk
– Enthusiastic audience reactions to the excitement of the game

* All the sanctioned poker variations of the World Series of Poker
– Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha and 5 Card Draw
– Buy-ins, High/Lows, Table minimums and antes

* Flexible character creator
– Based on Tony Hawk’s Underground character generator
– Create your own poker face
– Wear Vegas-style threads
– Upgrade your looks/clothes and bling as you gain more money

* Rare collector chips
– Primary reward mechanism
– Awarded for noteworthy gameplay milestones
– Compete on-line for collector chips in winner take all matches

* Licensed content
– Voices and “likenesses” of leading poker pros

* Recreate ESPN presentation style to add drama and suspense

* Leader boards track your progression and statistics

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