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The name Grand Theft Auto has become synonymous with gritty, graphic and wholly enjoyable gameplay. Since the release of GTA III, there have been numerous clones and counterfeits, all of which have attempted to, and as of consequence, none of which have actually succeeded in capturing the same level of intensity and hours of enjoyment that the original series provides. While most will agree that each addition to the GTA series has surpassed its predecessor in terms of quality and scope, many will also argue that they haven’t gone far enough in introducing new elements of gameplay to advance the series and the genre on a whole. As more information about GTA: San Andreas has become revealed, those who would naysay are going to be in for a pleasant surprise. GTA: San Andreas will be introducing a slew of new game mechanics that are sure to have diehard fans and newcomers alike literally slavering for a taste (as you’ll soon learn). In this preview we will outline and examine some of the major changes that will be found in Rock Star North’s latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas players will assume the roll of Carl Johnson (aka CJ), an aspiring gangster trying to make his way on the mean streets of San Andreas.

GTA: San Andreas promises to stay true to its Liberty and Vice City counterparts in that it will remain a third person single player experience. Just as in the previous GTA titles the player will be free to roam the vast landscape of the city and take on jobs and side missions as he or she sees fits. Transportation still remains possible either via “borrowed” vehicles such as bikes, scooters, motor cycles, automobiles or CJ’s own leg power. However, unlike Liberty and Vice City, the citizens of San Andreas aren’t often willing to let their rides go without a fight. Often times CJ will find himself needing to set a car owner straight with some “physical persuasion” in order to borrow his ride. In addition to the standard forms of getting around, Grand Theft Auto has finally introduced a protagonist who has apparently taken a swimming lesson or two. No longer will our tragic hero sink like a stone upon contact with water.

Some of the graphical enhancements featured in Rock Star North’s latest game include increased draw distance on the horizon reducing what many gamers call “pop up”, or buildings that simply seem to spawn out of thin air in front of you. The non player characters have also been given realistic behavior that they carry out on their own. For example, gang members can be seen greeting each other with gang signs, drinking, smoking etc

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