Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines takes the power of Valve’s Source Technology, the driving force fueling Half-Life 2, and delivers a new type of RPG that blends the deep storyline, character development and interaction, exploration, and multiple solutions to quests of a traditional RPG, with the graphical beauty, fast action and first-person immersion of an FPS.

* Immersive RPG adventure?Journey into the World of Darkness, the vampire underworld of modern day Los Angeles, from thumping raver clubs and the secret underground caverns of Downtown to seedy hotels and exclusive mansions on Hollywood?s infamous Sunset Strip. Embark on a variety of story-driven quests as you explore an open and nonlinear world filled with sidequests, multiple pathways and characters to interact with.
Experience a living world that reacts to your character based on clan, gender, dialogue, allegiance and the choices you make throughout the game. Replay the game making different choices?playing as a different clan, choosing different skills or following different paths?and you?ll find that your choices lead to different gameplay results and multiple possible game endings.

* Embrace the darkness as a vampire?Choose to play as a member of 1 of 7 different vampire clans, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Use experience points to develop up to 12 differentvampire powers ranging from the supernatural such as
invisibility, mind control and possession, to physical powers like superhuman strength and speed, all fueled by feeding upon human prey. Develop your character by successfully completing quests, using politics and forming alliances, utilizing powers of persuasion and fierce combat to rise to power and become the most dangerous creature of the night.

* Next-gen first-person action gameplay?Vampire: The Masquerade?Bloodlines is the first RPG to use next generation first person shooter technology. Built using Valve?s Source Technology?the same technology used to power Half-Life?2 the game combines detailed graphics, lifelike facial animations and incredible special effects. With the game?s first person perspective, players will experience immediate RPG gameplay, enabling them to see character reactions in real-time through facial animations and body language. In addition, Vampire: The Masquerade?Bloodlines features intense, first person action gameplay and advanced enemy AI. Throughout their adventures, players will battle human, vampire and other supernatural enemies with a full range of vampire powers, melee combat and an explosive arsenal of weapons.

* Online team-based multiplayer?Players can go online with friends and join in the ultimate battle between light and darkness.
Choose to play as a vampire or as a vampire hunter. With a variety of team-based mission objectives, online combat is always a unique experience.

* Cutting edge RPG gaming?Vampire: The Masquerade?Bloodlines is the ?unholy? alliance of next-gen FPS game engine technology, a top RPG developer and a renowned RPG franchise. Built using Valve Software?s leading-edge Source Technology?
the same game engine technology used to power Half-Life?2, the game is based on White Wolf?s renowned pen-and-paper RPG series and its official clans. Developed by Troika Games, creators of top RPG franchises such as Arcanum? (2002 RPG of the year?PC Gamer) and the Fallout? series, Vampire: The Masquerade?Bloodlines promises to take RPG gaming into the depths of darkness.



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