Two New Far Cry Titles Hit Shelves

Two new [i]Far Cry Instincts[/i] titles from Ubisoft hit the shelves today.  [i]Far Cry Instincts Evolution[i] for the Xbox will feature new characters and game features, and be built on an entirely new storyline.  [i]Far Cry Instincts Predator[/i] will feature both the new Evolution and the original 2005 Instincts titles sure to be all dolled up for the Xbox 360.

“Ubisoft is building on the critically acclaimed [I]Far Cry Instincts[/I] brand with the addition of a stellar new adventure that fans of the franchise have been anxiously awaiting,” said Tony Key, vice president of marketing for Ubisoft. “With an action-packed single-player campaign and an array of addictive multiplayer modes, combined with the highest graphical quality available on current and next-generation consoles …  [I]Far Cry[/I] is one of the hottest franchises available to the Xbox audience.”

[i]Far Cry Instincts Evolution[/i] puts Jack Carver in a big new adventure.  Jack has learned to embrace his disturbing new talents that were unleashed on Jacutan Archipelago.  After returning to his home port in Micronesia, he meets a gorgeous woman who draws him into a dangerous heist.  Framed for murder Jack must use his new abilities to make his predators his prey.

Jack will have access to over 20 weapons as gamers take him across land, sea and air.  Players can control 10 different vehicles like gliders, ATVs, jet-skis, and armored pickups.  Gamers will take on intelligent AI or battle friends in 22 multiplayer missions.  There is also a custom map builder for the creative types.  Custom maps may then be shared with others over Xbox Live.

Both titles are rated M for Mature.  [i]Far Cry Instincts Evolution[/i] for the Xbox will retail for $29.99, and [i]Far Cry Instincts Predator[/i] for the Xbox 360 will run gamers a hefty $59.99.

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