Tribes: Vengeance

As it has been with the Tribes series, the most efficient way to produce the best Tribes game is to follow a simple formula: don’t make it like the prequels. It was a tactic that met with mixed success when Tribes 2 was released in the face of much scorn regarding its disassociation from Starsiege: Tribes. Now, Tribes: Vengeance is not the same game as either one of its predecessors, and unlike Tribes 2, which was at least similar to its prequel, Tribes: Vengeance carries with it only a passing resemblance to previous installments of the cult on-line shooter.

That’s not a bad thing at all, which is what all but the most die-hard fans of Tribes and Tribes 2 will argue. Not only does Tribes: Vengeance look sharper, but it also feels sharper than anything the fastest Tribes mod could muster. Instead of playing against the physics of the game, you can now play with them, providing an incredible pace to the shell of the distinguished Tribes franchise. Jetpacks now offer instantaneous power and longevity of flight to add to the near flawless skiing physics that have replaced the old style

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