Terrorist Takedown

Terrorist Takedown is is an action game that will let you experience the heat of war. Players take control of the most lethal weapons in the US Army’s inventory as they strike against terrorist militia in the Middle East. Challenging yet uncomplicated gameplay and high caliber effects are accessible to all gamers yet engaging enough for even the most experienced players.

You will have an opportunity to impersonate many different roles and operate many different weapons of war. Take part in the war on terrorism by using gunships, heavy armoured cars, machine guns, rocket launchers, artillery and more to strike at terrorists across the Middle East. The goal, though, is always the same: defeat the terrorists and protect our homelands.

* Easy to play, strong out of box experience with a simple, intuitive interface

* Set amidst the current situation in the Middle East

* Enjoy nonstop arcade action with missiles, machine guns, rocket launchers, heavy armoured cars and helicopters

* A variety of scenarios in 16 breathtaking missions

* Fully realistic sound effects

* Extremely detailed 3D environments with many special effects.



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