Sony E3 2015 Summary – Everything You Need To Know

Like our E3 2015 Nintendo article, here is basically everything you need to know regarding Sony’s press conference and showing at this year’s E3.  And sorry Vita, better luck next year.

-After 8 years in development and waves of cancellation theories and concerns, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian finally resurfaces, bringing players the first few glimpses of gameplay. This journey by a boy and his dragon-dog-griffin partner comes to us from the creators of the heralded Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Horizon: Zero Dawn recalls Mœbius’ Métal Hurlant and Capcom’s Monster Hunter, blending dinosaur-like beasts, an 80’s vision of future tech, and buffing prehistoric tribes with scrap metal armor and explosives. Players take on the role of the red-headed, bow-toting badass Aloy as she brings down Guerilla’s massive, “dino-bots from Hell.”

Agent 47 returns with IO Interactive’s new installment of Hitman. The prerendered trailer shows the suave assassin working through a hit and sets the tone for the tense dramatic settings and underground environments players can expect from this next installment. PS4 owners will enjoy 6 console exclusive contracts that take place around the world.

Capcom’s Street Fighter V comes to PS4 and PC owners alike with stunning visuals and interactive environments.

-Sean Murray represented Hello Games’ presentation of No Man’s Sky. While Murray showed off some gameplay features such as the destructible environment, process of claiming and uploading discoveries to the cloud, and the NPC planet defenders the Sentinels, he didn’t do much more than riff off the idea of the title’s virtually infinite universe.

Little Big Planet creators Media Molecule invite players to imagine and create a phantasmagoric universe with their new IP Dreams. This creative playground will allow users to create dream-like environments utilizing brushes, music, and some premade assets, then bring them to life utilizing user-friendly “puppeteering” system. Players will be able to use the game’s cloud to share their “dream” sequences as well as visit those of others.

-Campo Santo’s Firewatch presentation showed off the first-person mystery title that follows a fire lookout named Henry in the forests of Wyoming. Players will be accompanied solely by a woman’s voice on a walkie-talkie as she helps Henry figure out what’s behind recent suspicious forest activity.

Bungie’s upcoming DLC Destiny: The Taken King will introduce three new subclasses as well the new “Echo Chamber” strike, “Sector 618” Crucible map, and Playstation exclusive loot. Discover it all on 9/15/15.

-Ubisoft’s 2015 AC installment Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate has players sneaking, brawling, and racing horse-drawn buggies down the cobbled streets of 19th century London. Players will be able to switch between the title’s two protagonists, twins Evie and Jacob Frye, each of which possesses their own equipment and combat styles. Ubisoft claim to have revisited, revised, and either refined or cut some concepts utilized in Unity, such as multiplayer and a companion app, in response to player input.

Square Enix’s PS4 and PSVITA exclusive World of Final Fantasy blends many classic FF characters, creatures, and worlds into a chibi, transuniversal story about a brother and sister. While players will cross paths with many of previous FF stories and characters, the title will feature an original storyline.

-One of Sony’s biggest proclamations came in the form of nostalgia and surprise. Final Fantasy VII Remake plans to bring the heralded entry to the franchise to an all new generation of players with next-gen visuals and production. While Enix didn’t reveal any gameplay or innovations for this timed exclusive, the pre-rendered trailer that accompanied the announcement was enough to launch many fans from their seats.

-Devolver Digital presented a summary of its four games upcoming Sony platforms exclusives including the side-scrolling, ninja assassin title Ronin, the isometric, Dark Age demon slaughterfest Eitr, the platform-perspective, ultraviolent zombie beat-em-up Mother Russia Bleeds, and its top-down cartoony beat-em-up Crossing Souls.

-Yu Suzuki and neilo announced a crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming Shunmue III. This open-world, action-adventure previously developed by SEGA aims to continue the story from its 2001 installment of Shenmue 2 and has already surpassed its $2-million Kickstarter goal by 50%.

-Rocksteady Studios presented a story-trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight that started the cremation of a deceased Joker. Thereafter, the pre-rendered trailer followed the first-person perspective of a GCPD officer as he confronted a smoker that turns out to be Scarecrow, one of the title’s diverse cast of villains.

Sony’s presentation of the PS4 compatible Project Morpheus boasted that it would bring VR gameplay into homes and a game library with local multiplayer features. Games presented alongside the system included CCP Game’s space dogfighter Eve Valkyrie and Guerilla Cambridge’s multiplayer mech-shooter RIGS.

-Treyarch proudly presented its upcoming Call of Duty installment Black Ops 3. This long-awaited installment seems to embrace the over-the-top, Hollywood action of the franchise with its all-out sci-fi rendition of 2065. The title will feature a co-op campaign for up to four players, a fast-paced movement system that looks like Advanced Warfare meets Titanfall, and all sorts of near-future gadgets.

Supermassive Games’ horror survival, PS4 exclusive Until Dawn will put players in control of eight characters as they try to survive a crazed serial killer in a dark woodland. A system entitled the “Butterfly Effect” will push players to make consequential decisions like sacrificing a party member to keep others alive and more. Developers explain that its nine hour campaign is built for replayability and that players will need to take on multiple playthroughs if they want to fully comprehend the game’s story.

-Avalanche Software’s Disney Infinity 3.0 is bringing the Star Wars franchise to it mix with its new playsets Rise Against the Empire and Twilight of the Republic, taking place during Episodes 4-6 and 1-3 respectively. Infinity’s new compatible figurines include Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett, just to name a few.

DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront finally revealed in-game footage that featured the Star Wars universe’s famous Battle of Hoth. While highly scripted, the footage delivered a glimpse at the caliber of the game’s AAA production.

-Sony closed the show with Naughty Dog’s long awaited, PS4 exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. In-game footage showed off Nathan Drake amidst a brilliant shootout in a marketplace followed by an over the top car chase sequence through the streets of a tropical city.

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