Safecracker From The Adventure Company

Adventure game fans have much to owe to The Adventure Company for keeping their favorite genre alive, and today they have announced the development of their latest project – [i]Safecracker[/i].

In the game, players will be hired by the family of an eccentric – and dead – billionaire to search for his last will and testament.  He has hidden the will in one of the 35 safes scattered about his mansion.  Players will have to use their problem solving skills to crack each unique safe.

The game will feature 40 rooms rendered in the usual, highly intricate, adventure genre detail.  Each safe will hold clues to opening the others, all leading to the master safe.  The Adventure Company promises a challenge to all wanna-be safecrackers.

[i]Safecracker[/i] is scheduled for release in the Fall with an expected rating of E for Everyone.

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