Rover Mechanic Simulator (Xbox One) Review with stream

Rover Mechanic Simulator is the last sim title by Ultimate Games and it focuses on interplanetary machines as opposed to War Trucks, Bus sims, or even foreign War simulation. Unfortunately, this game suffers similarly to these other sim-based titles as it is overly complex, always tedious, and little more than a button pressing and menu navigating simulation.

I gave Rover Mechanic Sim a good old fashion attempt but I just couldn’t beat the tutorial. Many other Ultimate Games titles had lacking tutorials, if there even was one at all, and I feel like the devs have listened to this feedback. However, instead of easing the player into each element of the game, the tutorial instead just throws everything at the player at one time, expecting the player to remember complex inputs. There is also a lot happen with the UI, adding to the complicated experience.

You can check out my stream embedded below as I try and figure out the tutorial and play the arcade games in the corner of the garage:

Trapped inside what seems like a Mars vehicle hanger/garage, the player is left to walk around and eventually, hopefully, click on the right thing to move the tutorial forward. I eventually got stuck when it came time to adjust the rover itself as the game doesn’t tell the player what to do. After clicking on everything with no indicator of what I was doing or what I was doing wrong, I rage quit in frustration.

Strangely enough, the most entertaining part of the game comes from the arcade machine found in the corner of the hanger. Here, players can download and install mock retro games such as Snake or Space Invaders. No idea why this was even implemented in the first place but playing these poorly performing classic games was a lot more fun than trying to figure out how to fix a rover that should have been brought to that planet completed in the first place.

Unless you have a tremendous amount of patience and enjoy extensive trial and error without indication, Rover Mechanic Simulator is unplayable let alone fun.  There are much better sims on the market and you know there are problems when there is more fun to the had playing the dumb mini games than the actual game itself. 

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Another simulator that tries to add realism but forgot to add the fun.

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