Risen 3: Titan Lords (PC) Review

There are so many great adventure games to play these days, but so few of them put you in a pirate setting like Risen 3: Titan Lords. This game certainly has its flaws and it’s definitely not a game most players will appreciate, as the story is dull and the gameplay is sketchy. If you are looking for a game that will put you on an epic adventure then this is worth playing, as the story and other flaws don’t necessarily take away from that feeling of grand adventure.

Risen 3: Titan Lords is not all that bad, it definitely has its fun moments, and there are many unique elements to the game. Even though the flaws were mentioned right away, they are usually minor issues, such as your equipped weapon changing after a loading screen or the annoying camera contortions after you launch an execution move. These are minor problems that won’t bother every player, but they should be mentioned because this is the kind of stuff you would expect from a beta release.

Risen 3 Screenshot

Don’t expect too much character development or excitement from this game, as the 20+ hr campaign mode will rarely surprise you. The voice acting cast did an amazing job, but unfortunately you will not get much interaction with NPCs after you help them. In this game you will travel to the same islands as you did on the previous title, however the islands have been revised and look much better than before.

In Risen 3: Titan Lords you are essentially trying to get your soul back, as it went missing after your death and resurrection. It sounds crazy, but the story does have its unique points. There are ghosts, and you can do crazy stuff like train a monkey to steal gold. There are elements to this game that you will not find anywhere else, so it is definitely worth playing if you are into adventure or pirate related video games.

From the perspective of a huge RPG fan, Risen 3: Titan Lords lacks in many departments – but there is something cool about transforming into a parrot to fly to your desired location. The majority of NPCs you come across are item vendors, but this sucks in a way because it can get confusing to remember where to go for what items. There is not the traditional stores that you see in other RPG games, although it is something you get used to after playing it long enough.

Risen 3 only provides you with two boss battles, and yes, they are very difficult. You will find yourself attacking a boss that can regenerates its own health, while constantly spawning more of its cronies to keep you on the defense. Still, the combat is fun most of the time and you can switch it up with a nice mix of melee, gun and spell attacks. There are two types of spells you can use, some of them can be cast from far away with hotkeys and some are infused on your arm for melee combat.

Risen 3 Combat

Overall, Risen 3: Titan Lords is a dull RPG game capable of much more. It almost feels like the game developer held back, as there are so many minor flaws that it makes it impossible for one to give the game a 5 star review. On the other hand, if you love a pirate-themed game, Risen 3 is probably the best game to pick up right now. During the campaign you will not see much character development and the story is lacking – but if those things won’t bother you then don’t let the negative comments deter you from this adventure game.

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