Pocket Kingdom: Own the World

Are you ready to own the world? Pocket Kingdom is the world’s first massively multiplayer mobile game, challenging you to build a mighty online empire while competing against other gamers from around the world. Set in a fantasy landscape, it is a game of combat, action and strategy. Send out your armies to explore the Map of Ulgress, searching for treasure and new recruits for your army.

* World?s First Massively Multiplayer Mobile Game (and it?s exclusive to N-Gage) : Do battle with thousands of players from around the world!

* Over 100 collectable Units with which to do battle against the castles of other players.

* Over 250 collectable Items with which to equip your army.

* N-Gage Arena Auction System where players can sell items to other players from around the world (using in-game currency).

* ?N-Gage Arena Bosses?: Software Opponents that live in the N-Gage Arena and guard the path to higher levels of play.

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