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P.3 is a challenging vertical shooter with a gimmick, for better and worse. Although the retro vibe is strong and looks visually appealing, complete with optional CRT filters and border options, P.3 is overly difficulty due to the simple yet tedious control scheme as the playable ship is always on the move. 

Constantly moving means you are never truly in control. Sometimes this isn’t an issue, like in the early opening moments of the first stage, but quickly becomes a trial of mastery as the player is often tasked with avoiding incoming barriers, storms of bullets, and throngs of enemies, often all simultaneously. It also possible to unleash a powerful, short-burst attack using a combination of the analog stick and the opposite shoulder button, and it definitely adds some needed flare, but the small amount of this super attack often puts the player more in harm’s way and isn’t worth taking the damage.

The good news comes from the infinite continues. You will die a lot but checkpoints can be spaced far apart, setting players back just when you think you actually made a bit of progress. To help offset the high difficulty, the player can periodically upgrade the ship in a few different categories. Unfortunately, the game freezes the action the moment an upgrade becomes available which is rather jarring. Every other shooter has upgrades the player can collect in real time. Hard stopping with each upgrade, then getting killed right when gameplay continues because you didn’t remember that was laser was coming your way, is a frustrating mess.

The soundtrack, although composed with quality, doesn’t necessarily fit the dark, space mood of the gameplay. Instead, players are subjected to a happy-go-lucky carnival-ish soundtrack which just doesn’t match the game.  The vertical nature of the gameplay only fits a fraction of screen too, leaving twice as much border than actual game screen.

I like a good shooter just as much as the next guy but P.3 has issues. Instead of giving players pixel perfect play control, a ton of enemies to kill, and a rewarding power-up systems, P.3 deserves credit for trying something new but falters well short of the finish line.

Not As Good As: most Cotton games

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief myGamer.com

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P.3 deserves a pat on the back for trying something a little different in the shooter genre but winds up sounding better on paper than in actual gameplay.

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