Origin of the Species

An innocent camping trip into the Nevada desert takes a deadly turn when military black operations test a new viral weapon codename Project G.I.Ants, designed to create battle field infantry by mutating commonly found insects and parasites. When this test run goes horribly wrong the lives of 8 friends and a desert community is altered irrevocably. Waking up in a jail– seemingly in New York–the player, an urban girl in her late teens, must remember what happened and set off to find her friends and save them from the madness. There are, of course, a couple of problems?

* Hardcore action meets RPG featuring Nu Generation?s RPG Lite technology to produce an unobtrusive, straight forward and ultimately rewarding character enhancement system.

* RPG Lite ?Play as you want? system applies ?Style Points? to the action genre by allowing the player to choose the way they want to play each level of the game.

* Over 10 special offensive and defensive moves to choose. Use these on their own or combine them with traditional blasting to produce wild new emergent game play styles and innovative new combos.

* Traditional blasting fans will not be disappointed either, with close to 20 traditional weapons from 9mms to S.M.G to R.P.G to Rail Gun, Pheromone gun and Graviton beam.

* Fast and flexible movement system tailored for combat game play. The game features compact and dynamic dodge moves as well as traditional jump and double jump.

* Interact and save the NPCs in the game world with compelling risk Vs reward stakes to earn extra information and abilities.

* Rigid body dynamics, rag doll and vehicles are all accounted for in the realistic physics engine that drives the ?Origin Of The Species? game world.

* Introducing a new and exciting main Character, ?Dirt,? the urban rock chick, g-string wearing girl and ?Mr Boo,? her emotive bear backpack that conveys information about the surrounding game world.

* Fight a vast array of mutated abominations, as well as Black Op Marines and their arsenal of weapons.



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