Optika PC Review

Laser Light Show: The Game

So many adventure and action games have puzzles that you might have come across. The “light” puzzle, or lazer puzzle is when you have to line up mirrors or lasers to shine in a way that ends at a certain point to usually open a door or something akin. Optika takes the next logical step of this idea and made an entire game based on this puzzle instead.  Considering that its usually set as a side puzzle to many larger games, its surprising that this gameplay could flourish on its own, but it does in spectacular fashion.

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Basing an entire level, let alone a whole game on such a simple premise seems like folly, but instead creates a visual dream and enough challenge to sate the puzzle crazed masses yet also provide a nice distraction for the casual gamer. It is almost the definition of “easy to pickup, but hard to master” as the levels just keep getting harder and there are so many to choose from. But while the gameplay is well paced, due mainly to the addition of interesting mechanics across the spectrum with each level. With a fair learning curve, the only real problem is that it’s all based on one type of puzzle, and it’s hard to grow from that idea, so while the gameplay is more than adequate, anyone who plays will find enjoyment in the visuals.

While you always have the one background mostly to look at, the main attraction for the visuals is the lasers or light themselves. In what could only be described as beautiful (or possibly trippy) particle effects, the lasers are wonderfully colored and expertly detailed and animated. What sometimes looks like liquid fire, or maybe living light streams across the screen as you bend it to your whim to accomplish a normally simple task like going around an obstacle. My personal favorite is the spherical laser puzzles that make great use of particle effects and can be so amazing to look at that you forget you’re actually trying to beat the level.

OptikaHighlyCompressedPCGameDownloadWhile the visuals are stunning and almost worth the price of admission, it shouldn’t be only that. We have movies and tv for visuals, but we have games for interaction and challenge.  No level I played seemed impossible, and while it could be challenging, because of the nature of the puzzle, simple trial and error could be used to solve anything. Also, while there are a lot of levels, and your eyes are being entertained, the music left something to be desired as the soundtrack was lacking and there was a fair amount of music looping.

Optika still brings a lot of enjoyment for a very small price tag. It’s by no means perfect and has some odd choices like the music and the addition of a very weird and unneeded story and characters to puzzle game. However, all of this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one of the visual experiences in recent memory, and the ease of play and number of levels will keep you coming back. Overall it’s a cheap game with great looks and some decent gameplay.


Our Rating - 8.5


Total Score

Trippy light puzzle game that makes you think and relax.

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