Onion Games’ Moon is coming to PS4/5

A little background: in the mid-90s, a number of Square staff — who had cut their teeth on games like Super Mario RPG & Romancing SaGa — decided to forge out on their own and create a new studio, called Love-de-Lic. That is to say, they “went indie”, though we weren’t quite calling it that back then.

For their grand debut, they created Moon, their “anti-RPG”, which would challenge all the decades-old pervasive RPG conventions, all the way down to little things like: why do we just take for granted that this so-called ‘hero’ is just straight up slaughtering thousands of innocent creatures over the course of their adventure? Why is no one weirded out that this so-called ‘hero’ is just charging into random peoples’ homes and stealing gold and equipment out of their dresser drawers?

Tokyo-based indie developers Onion Games (who formerly have worked on games like Little King’s Story, Chulip, Rule of Rose, and even Super Mario RPG!), are happy to announce that their re-release of the cult-classic legend “anti-RPG” Moon is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can check out our article on the Switch version here.

Release date and price are still TBD. The game was first released in the West on Nintendo Switch just over one year ago, and was the first time the game was made available in English since its debut in 1997. Originally created by the 1990s “indie developer” Love-de-Lic, Inc., Moon‘s re-release on Switch caused a sensation in Japan, charting at #1 in October 2019 eShop downloads, and becoming the #7 best-selling game for 2019 overall in Nintendo’s download store.

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