Nintendo eShop Still Down for Maintenance

Did you unwrap a shiny new Wii U, 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, or even a DSi this Christmas?  If you did, you probably want to connect to the Nintendo eShop to set up your Nintendo Network ID, download that digital copy of Zelda Wind Waker HD that was included in your Wii U bundle, and check out the limited time digital holiday sales.  Unfortunately, the Nintendo eShop has been experience major issues since late December 24th due to everyone trying to connect their new systems all around the same time.

Although there are reports of some users being able to connect to both the Wii U and 3DS eShop currently, Nintendo has confirmed that they will be undergoing online maintenance starting around 4pm Eastern time today (12-27-13) and will be down for at least 12 hours.  Let’s hope things return to normal something on Saturday then.

Nintendo isn’t the only company experiencing holiday overload.  Sony’s PSN, Steam, Xbox Live (more so on Xbox One consoles), and even Netflix have all reported struggling to keep up with demand over this holiday.

Since Christmas fell on a Wednesday this year, it is probably safe to say that many Americans are taking off the days between Christmas and New Year’s.  And if people are off, they are probably relaxing indoors with their new game consoles and other electronic gadgets.

But with the PS3, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and Netflix issues, now might be a good time to experiment a little bit with that Ouya you might have sitting around.  There have been no reports of the Ouya interface going down.


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