Nintendo Confirms Next Waves of amiibos and More Compatibility

During the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has confirmed the next waves of amiibo figures.

May 29, 2015:

July 2015:
Dark Pit

September 2015:
Zero Suit Samus
Bowser Jr.
Dr. Mario

Reminder, Robin and Lucina can also be used with Code Name S.T.E.A.M. on 3DS and Wario will work with Mario Party 10. Nintendo confirmed that Mewtwo and Lucas, DLC characters, will be arriving in amiibo format as well some time in the future.  Marth is also supposed to be reissued in May.

Nintendo didn’t go into detail but mentioned that some amiibo will become retailer exclusive like Rosalina, Gold Mario, Shulk, Meta Knight and Lucario. These details will be announced at a later date.

Nintendo also confirmed that amiibo can be used to unlocked a short demo of the original game(s) that each character starred in. For example, if you scan the Mario amiibo, the player can play a 3-minute demo of Super Mario World or see a special game highlight from that game. Further, Nintendo explained that scanning amiibo in this way will first unlock a random game. So scanning a Mario amiibo, players might unlock a short demo of Super Metroid. But if you keep tapping that scan amiibo on the Gamepad, the user can scroll through different options and scenes. This feature will be called amiibo Tap Nintendo’s Greatest Bits and will be released this Spring on the Nintendo eShop as a free download.

Finally, Mario Kart 8 will see more amiibo support in the form of new costumes similar to scanning Mario, Peach, Captain Falcon and more now. Players will be able to scan in Mega Man, Pac-Man, Sonic, Toad, Wario, Villager, Rosalina, Bowser and Olimar amiibo to gain their respective outfits for their Mii racer.

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