New Pokemon Ranger Destroys All Previous Notions of Pokemon with Ukelele Pichu

By Allison Bates

Though Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs, the third game in the Pokemon Ranger series, does not appear to differ greatly from other games in the series, but the information released about the game at E3 2010 is sure to change the way people think about Pokemon. According to Nintendo, the game pairs your Pokemon Ranger with a character named Ukulele Pichu, who, naturally, is a Pichu that will never be seen without its ukulele.

As gamers across the globe try to wrap their brains around the concept of a baby Pikachu not only being able to play a ukulele, but also having learned how to use this ability in combat, the game will be prepared for an October release. Hopefully, by then, the world will be ready for Ukulele Pichu.

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