Multiplayer platformer EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match get June release date on Switch and Xbox

Get ready, because EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match is here! Gather your friends and plunge into the chaos of demonic multi-gameplay together. Which of you will crush your opponents, and be the best?

Are you ready for a Death Match? LET’S BANG OUR HEADS! EleMetals will hit your consoles with a great force on June 3rd! The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X.

Gather 2-4 friends, it’s time to get started. Deadly levels, challenging traps, and more await you like Deadly Lands, Floating Levels, Unique Traps, and enormous Lava Tridents!

Move in any direction, bend, or hover – Dash towards enemies to destroy them, dash into Shards to bounce them back, or dash past traps to avoid dying! DASH DASH DASH TO WIN!


 – Unique dash mechanics
 – Lots of difficult challenges  
 – 6 demonic metalhead characters 
 – Epic and intense fights  
 – 30 challenging levels across
 – 3 deadly realms reactive metal sound effects created by Fat Bard.

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