Mortal Kombat X Preview

The renowned fighting game called Mortal Kombat is returning with new characters and moves in Q4 2015 to rock on several gaming consoles, including Windows PC. The 10th entry in the Kombat franchise seems to blends cinematic appearance with a novel play to render the most atrocious combat ever, with a new allied experience making the players to step into an unrelenting online contest.

Mortal Kombat X (not 10) features a dramatic character composed of electricity, which allows channeling him in a variety of astonishing ways, in fact, killing ways. Unlike the mechanically stripped-back Knine, this one comes with different variations of all of its characters who are a part of shocking violence.

Mortal Kombat X Front

For the First Time

The game will give its players a chance to choose from several variations of each character influencing fighting style as well as strategy. They enter into a world of original tale featuring some of the most creative characters including Sub-Zero and Scorpion, while introducing new ones depicting the forces of good and evil.

The game is also likely to include the return of X-Ray moves, which we saw in the previous title. I am sure that the players are promised a new game play with a creatively novel fully connected experience.


As said by Ed Boon in E3 2014, the game’s timeline starts at the end of the previous record and spans for 25 years, making room for older returning characters, off-springs, and proteges of other icons like Cassie Cage). The different settings players pass through include cove, snow forest, and the out-world marketplace.

Fighting Styles

Mortal Kombat X Fighting Style

Before each battle, it is interesting to choose from three different variations, each with additional benefits or moves. For instance, a player can choose to offer Scorpion a fireball attack choose another for facilitating him to introduce demonic clones in front of his enemies. This is something that I admire of this new game: Create a different version of a character for a different purpose such as one for a rushdown tactic and another for trapping or zoning.

Playable Characters

Mortal Kombat X Characters

  • Cassie Cage: The daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade
  • D’Vorah: Half-female and half-insect entity newly introduced
  • Ferra/Torr: Duo functioning like a single unit; a clumsy monster and a little fighter who attacks from atop while riding
  • Kotal Kahn: Emperor after capturing Out-world after the demise of Shao Kahn and has Macuahuitl, a sword-like weapon having the Aztec design
  • Scorpion: A Netherrealm ghost who rose from death to punish the death of his clan
  • Sub-Zero: Strange ice-wielding killer who is unknown and has logo of the Lin Kuei clan on his left breast
  • Raiden: The God of Thunder and selected Protector of EarthRealm who returns to ward off threats to humanity

I like the ideas of having a teleporty Raiden, leaving electric traps in the battlefield, and blowing away opponents with dreadful fists. No matter which Raiden you choose, he can inflict several disturbing fatalities like popping eyeballs out of sockets. Well, one thing needs to be kept in mind that deciding the right is truly challenging in this game.

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