It is Mega May on the 3DS eShop

Preparing for Megaman’s debut in the upcoming Smash Bros games, Nintendo and Capcom will be releasing one classic Megaman game on the 3DS eShop each week for the entire month of May.

Megaman Xtreme, a re-making of the original Megaman X on SNES, has already kicked off this promotion.

Megaman Xtreme 5-1-14
Megaman II 5-8-14
Megaman III 5-8-14
Megaman IV 5-15-14
Megaman V 5-22-14
Megaman Xtreme 2 5-29-14

Megaman GB VC

While prices have not yet been determined, it is probably safe to assuming that both GBC Xtreme titles will sell for $4.99 and the other original GB titles will be priced at $3.99.

It is great to see these games finally become available on the 3DS Virtual Console but it is a little strange that no Mega Bundle was offered where all games are included for one discounted price.

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