The Legend of Korra Game Preview

The Legend of Korra is one of the most popular Nickelodeon shows admired by critics and consumers alike. However, it seems that the cartoon channel has licensed out its brand for developing a video game for PC. Well, this version is not a grandma’s story, as it is developed by the Platinum Games, the creator of hack-n-slash action games such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The Legend of Korra Game Preview

The story focuses on a single teenage girl, the Avatar, born in every generation to control the four elements of nature, namely, fire, water, air, and earth. It is a third-person action game featuring Korra, the current reincarnation of the Avatar chosen by fate to balance to the worldly powers.

The legend is full of impressive martial arts and volatile battles that seem to turn your dream into reality. After stepping into this adventurous world, one plays as the Avatar battling against those who wish to imbalance the nature. Obviously, it is the player’s responsibility to get the Avatar’s powers back.

The Setting

I was amazed to see the consistency and unified approach of the developer Platinum and publisher Activision, which was evident in the art style. The characters appear almost as they look in the TV show counterparts. This is especially true for Korra, whose look as well as plan absorbed by the mind! Further, just as the TV show, the changing environment is designed to appear manually painted due to which the backgrounds look like murals.

The Legend of Korra Game play

The consistently painted style results in an impressive sketch distance, which makes easy to see everything even in the flanking big area. I was equally stunned to hear the sounds, voice-over, and ambient noises that are analogous to those in the show. It is 100% apparent that the makers want the players to feel as if you are in the TV episode itself.

The Plot

The Legend of Korra Preview

The Zaheer’s gang creeps into the Metal clan for using Korra’s krew to duke it. Hardly able to fight back, they recognize soon that the attack might be more than what it looks. Well, the main conflict is the gang of Zaheer rifling for the Avatar, although Korra’s Krew looking for novel airbenders is another possibility.

Undoubtedly, several obstacles were on the path, but an incessant feeling of a scary destiny takes over everything. This teen boy had to move across the world for saving it. The conflict of finding for airbenders did not seem to be compelling, but I guess it might be only to keep Korra engaged until Zaheer comes up. Nevertheless, Zaheer chasing the Avatar for inexplicable reasons and the girl’s need to protect herself against the powerful rulers of four elements together form up a better conflict, which comes into fruition ultimately.

Another good aspect is the improved animation with ongoing conversations and motions making scenes livelier than the TV show. Even the fight scenes are better than the TV episodes. In short, the plot is just pleasant!

The Legend of Korra Game

Although the story moves forward, a little of overwhelming feeling triggers at the end. It is like kidnapping the girl and covering a few miles just before losing her. Actually, there could have been more fight.

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