Kingston 128GB SDXC Class 10 Memory Card Review

Kingston has recently released 64gb and 128gb SDXC Class 10 memory cards.  For exact specs and more details, you can check HERE and HERE.

You know what is great about Kingston products?  Durability.  In fact, Kingston is so confident in their products that they back everything with a lifetime warranty.  With this said, this new 128GB SDXC card could be one of the last cards that you will ever need to buy.

The biggest thing to note about this card is the newer XC format.  This format is different from the more typical SDHC format in that XC cards are supported up to 2GB instead of the HC limit of 32GB.  Combined with the faster Class 10 speed, this 128GB card is best used with high def video cameras.  While Class 4 and Class 6 cards are compatible with HD video recording, Class 10 is more designed for cameras that shoot both HD video and stills consecutively and also runs on the exFAT file system.  Using a higher speed card could also decrease the amount of lag between taking images, for example. It is also important to realize that without a corresponding speed, users can run the risk of having corrupt data. Keep in mind, host devices, especially high def video camera, often require a minimum card speed.

The XC format basically indicates that it is a higher capacity card.  However, the one big bullet point to remember is that host devices need to be SDXC compatible.  If you are in question if these cards will work with your favorite digital camera or camcorder, be sure to check the box or instruction manual of your host device for SDXC logo.  The SDXC card is physically the same size as other SD cards but the different formatting separates this unit from the rest.  This particular Kingston model also has the built-in lock switch on the hardware itself to prevent accidental data loss.

Besides having a life time warranty, Kingston also offers free live tech support if you ever encounter an issue. The $180 price tag of the 128gb version might sound steep, but given the massive storage size, the higher read and write speed, and the included warranty, this card should easily last you for years to come.  Alternatively, the 64gb version will cost under $100.

Learn more about Kingston products on their official website.

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