Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Against a tide of fearsome enemies, only heroes dare to stand and fight. Battle the Dark Legions in an epic quest to control the Ancient Heart, an artifact of untold power. Carefully craft your skills and strategies as you assemble an army from more than 30 unit types! Take on enemies in an all-out clash of arms amidst a sprawling battlefield raging with medieval fury.

* Experience chaotic medieval battle on epic scale!

* Up to 1,000 units on the battlefield at any one time, each one beautifully rendered with 3,000 to 4,000 polygons.

* On your command, hundreds of units attack the enemies, sacrificing their lives for victory. You will be a hero- the first to strike and the last one standing.

* Over thirty types of units to choose from, from ordinary infantry to hideously transformed monsters and extraordinary aerial creatures. Players can create an almost unlimited combination of troops for maximum tactical strategy.

* Realistic physics show units using tools and equipment, such as fire from an entrenched mortar and stone-throwers. The harder you train your units, the more efficiently they carry out your commands.

* Customized, upgradeable characteristics and skills for troops and generals.

* Upgradeable armor and weaponry.

* Natural resources, such as ground height, direction of sunlight, soil resistance,real-time day & night cycles and weather patterns.

* Other factors including density of troops, level of training, timing, experience points and weaponry.

* All heroes come with their own sets of special moves and abilities, and can call upon the magical abilities of sub-heroes.

* RPG element allows heroes and their soldiers to gain experience as they progress, earning gold for upgraded weapons and armor.

* An individual hero is powerful enough to turn the tide of battle, but not enough to win the war single-handedly. It is crucial to train and prepare troops for imminent battles.

* Main character and soldiers can gain experience and level up as they progress through the game.

* Between each mission, players can visit a castle to upgrade soldiers by equipping them with new weapons and armors, tweak their ability points, assign a new leader or radically change the troops before the next battle.

* At the beginning of the game, a player can choose one main character from four distinct races; two from the Human side and two from the Dark side. Each selection will determine the player’s perspective and influence the destiny of the character.

* Aside from clear mission differences, the same event will take place in four different moods and cut scenes.

* In the heat of combat, soldiers shout out battle information and threat warnings in real-time. No more dull text system messages on the screen.

* Soldiers express cries of pain, victory and defeat.

* Dynamic camera work as only seen on mega-budget film, capturing the essence of true epic battle.

* New Mission Downloadable through Xbox Live.

* Real-time ranking update system.

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